Accent tables made from reclaimed barn wood, seating salvaged from a dilapidated church in Round Top and a steel mailbox with the original farming family’s name still painted on the side are a few of the many items for sale at Barn Dance Vintage, owner Michelle Becker said.

“It gives [an item] so much character when you know the back story on it and where it came from,” she said.

Shoppers looking for vintage furniture and urban farmhouse-style home decor can find a variety of unique pieces at Barn Dance in the Leander Flea Market, Becker said.

“A lot of people like to be able to find this type of decor locally instead of having to drive out of town … or go into Austin for it,” she said.

The shop offers a selection of new and repurposed items from a variety of sources—local artisans, auctions, retail markets, sales in small agricultural communities and through Becker’s connection with a demolition specialist, who salvages relics from old buildings.

Becker said she has always had a love for vintage furniture and for repurposing everyday items from the past.

“I used my garage as my first store,” she said. “I moved the cars out and set it up just like a store. That’s where I taught myself how to design and layer and mix colors and textures together.”

The store is a retailer for General Finishes paint as well as local artists Steve and Kris Newman and Becky Herrmann.

“My passion is building furniture out of reclaimed wood, salvaged materials and found objects,” said Steve, who recently built an accent table out of wood from an old buckboard-style wagon he found in Nebraska.

“Hanging on to things from [the] past or your childhood is a comfort [and] brings back good memories,” Steve said. “I think that there’s always room for something vintage in … any type of decor, whether it’s modern or traditional or industrial.”

Becker said the weekend-only hours at the Leander Flea Market work well for her business and give her time to work on projects and acquire new products during the week.

“We always have something new in the store every weekend,” she said.

Barn Dance Vintage
1291 E. Woodview Drive, Leander
Hours: Fri. noon-6 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Sun. noon-6 p.m., closed Mon.-Thu.

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Barn Dance Vintage by Angee Wilbur/Community Impact Newspaper
The shop offers a selection of new and repurposed items from a variety of sources.



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